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The return of the House Call and personalized patient care.

We offer the highest quality of customized solutions, tailored to your lifestyle with empathy, integrity, honesty, and expertise.  Our patients come first, so we allow more time and attention that are so important when helping people with their hearing and listening needs.


Mobile Audiology

Mobile Services Offered

  • Diagnostic Hearing Testing

  • Middle Ear Testing (Tympanometry)

  • Ear Wax Removal with curette and/or Irrigation

  • Tinnitus (Ringing) Evaluations and Treatments

  • Hearing Aid Consultations and Evaluations

  • New Hearing Aid Sales -- all sizes, technology levels, to meet every budget

  • Hearing Aid Repairs

  • Hearing Aid Clean and Checks -- preventive maintenance, wax filters

  • Hearing Aid Reprogramming -- to tune up your current hearing aids

  • Custom Hearing Protection -- hunting, musician, concert, sleep, swim plugs

  • Hearing Aid accessories -- batteries, remotes, bluetooth, etc.

  • On-site, home or facility visits

  • OTC consultations and training, bluetooth device connections

  • Hearing testing for City and County employees as required by insurance

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