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Special Care and Service Programs for Facilities:

  1. We offer FREE hearing screen and ear wax check events to SNF, AL, IL, MC facilities.​ This gives everyone the opportunity to have their hearing screened/ tested, ear wax removed, hearing aids repaired/ cleaned/ or programmed to help them hear better in the comforts of their home.​​​​

  2. We offer special discounts and services for those on Hospice, including loaner devices, discounted rates on services, in-home care.

  3. Flexible scheduling for appointments in the care center.  

  4. We encourage families or POA's to be there at the appointment to have a second set of ears to help remember the recommendations and information provided. 

  5. We can optimize your hearing aid set up in your home itself instead of having to do that yourself by memory.

  6. All services someone would need for their hearing aids and Audiology care are provided direct, so need for a get a ride.

  7. We work directly with facility Social Workers, Life Enrichment Coordinators, Wellness Directors, Executive Directors, Activity Directors, Memory Care Directors, etc., to coordinate services.

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